Why Apply Epoxy On Your Garage Floor?

The garage is a place where we store our car, keep our gardening tools and get away from the wife and kids. The last thing that we are thinking about is making our garage floor nice and shiny. For some people, the look of their floor is a high priority. They feel if they have garage floor epoxy applied it will be a greater benefit then having a standard concrete slab.

The epoxy we will use is a mixture of solvents, resins and fillers.

garage floor epoxy

This type of coating is ideal for areas that are subjected to heavy foot traffic. Some applications may include: School halls, shops, factories, sports centers, garden centers and food preparation areas. It comes in different colors to match your décor.

The flooring process involves application of a thin coating to a hard and solid concrete surface. The epoxy can be applied to bare floors, concrete that has been covered with paint or sealer. In most situations, the first thing that you will want to do is remove your old paint or sealer from the floor prior to applying the epoxy.

The epoxy is applied with a brush, roller or sprayer. If this is done properly the floor will be smooth and glossy. But you need to know that it does not provide any protection from impact or abrasion and it has no waterproof qualities at all. The surface only has a low coefficient of friction so care should be used when walking on the surface.  

The color of epoxy will sometimes fade or change in reaction to certain products like cleaners and other chemicals that may come into contact with the floor. It is not safe to drive cars, motorbikes or bicycles across the surface and it is advisable to keep pets off the floor.

It’s a good idea to prepare a small area of the floor and let it cure for at least 48 hours before applying the entire surface.

Once the epoxy is applied you have some time to walk on it before installing your new floor covering. This will give you an idea of how well the process has worked and any adjustments that may need to be made.

Tools For Electricians

Just like any other professional tradesman, an electrician works with a specialized set of tools. We’ve listed some of the tools that an electrician will use below. If you are looking to become one of the electrical contractors in Lorton, VA you will want to learn these tools and understand how they work.

electrical contractors in Lorton, VA

The top tools are:

·    Hammer – to drive small nails or tap devices into place

·    Pliers – for gripping wires, pulling up nails, and clamping electric devices in place

·    Tape measure – measuring distances of various objects, usually on a wall or floor

·    Voltage tester – to warn you of any sudden changes in voltage with an electric device

·    Wire stripper – peels back the casing around the wires, usually copper or aluminum cables

·    Drill – like a rotating saw blade for cutting through different types of wood and metal

·    Electric saw – for cutting through different types of wood and metal

·    Screw driver – for driving screws into place in different structures such as walls, floors, and ceilings

·    Levels – to ensure that a structure is straight from side to side or top to bottom

These tools are vital when you need to install or repair electrical equipment in homes, offices, and businesses in the Lorton, VA area. Electrical contractors have these tools because they are skilled technicians that can fix any issue on an electrical system.  

These nine tools make up most of the electricians’ arsenal of devices that they use when working to maintain power systems in businesses and homes.   The job of an electrician is to install, maintain, and repair electrical devices in the Lorton, VA area. If you are looking for a full-time career as an electrical technician then enroll into your local community college or other postsecondary institution that offers classes for this trade.

4 Ways a Handyman Can Add Value to the Home Before Putting it on the Market

Selling your home can be time consuming and difficult if you do not go about the process properly. Most people work with a real estate agent to ease the headaches and risks associated with selling a home. Whatever you do, make sure the house is ready to sell when it goes on the market. It is a competitive market these days and if you want the house to sell fast, it needs to stand out from the rest and come at an awesome price. Believe it or not, a handyman in my area in austin, tx is the perfect person to call to help increase the profits you’ll earn when the home sales. They offer variety of services at an affordable price, like the four simple on this list. Call a handyman and you can instantly increase the value of your home by thousands of dollars just like that!

1.    Repairs: Damaged fixtures, flooring, etc. can devalue the home. It takes little time or money to repair the little stuff around the house which instantly adds back the value it would have otherwise lost.

2.    Interior Painting: Painting the interior of the home spruces up the ambiance of the place, making it more appealing to potential buyers. Best of all, it is absolutely affordable for any budget.

handyman in my area in austin, tx

3.    Pressure Washing: Clean the exterior of the home with power or pressure washing service. It quickly and easily removes dirt, grime, dead bugs, mold, and other debris from siding, sidewalks, the garage, roof, and more.

4.    Fencing: Adding a decorative or privacy fence to your property won’t cost a lot of money but it can bring more potential buyers to the yard. People value fencing and the benefits it brings.

Is Vinyl Flooring Your Best Choice For Home Flooring?

The floors in our home need to be protected. A simple plywood floor isn’t going to cut it both in looks and functionally. This is one reason why many people are turning to lifeproof vinyl flooring in liberal ks.

What is the difference between tile and vinyl flooring?

Vinyl tile floors can look like tile, with a low-pile commercial grade carpet that has the color and texture of ceramic flooring. Vinyl composition is also great because it’s waterproof, so spills are absorbed without leaving any stains in your design.

lifeproof vinyl flooring in liberal ks

What does it cost to install a vinyl tile floor?

It’s a good idea to call different companies and compare prices. The lowest bid is not always the best value for money, so make sure you take things like guarantees, licenses and insurance into consideration. Also consider how easy they are to clean and their aesthetic quality.

Why should I buy a vinyl tile floor from a company that specializes in them?

Make sure you get your estimate when talking with companies who do not specialize in these floors because of the extra knowledge needed to do a proper installation. Another thing to consider is their ability to match up the color of your floor with different wood finishes.

How long will this type of floor last in our home?

A vinyl tile floor is going to last as long as the original installation. This means that the adhesive and base coat both need to be of high quality and make sure you get a quote with a guarantee when buying the flooring or paying or installation. If you install it yourself and do a poor job, then you only have yourself to blame.

When it comes to the best choice, that is going to be up to you and your situation. However if you are looking for an inexpensive option that is easy to maintain and can look really nice, vinyl flooring it a top option.

Tips For Modernizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom has not changed much since its conception. It is basically a room with a few holes that take care of what we take care of. However, over the years we have increased our comfort levels and done tasks that made using the bathroom more enjoyable. For this, here are a few bathroom ideas in poughkeepsie, ny you can try.

bathroom ideas in poughkeepsie, ny


You want to play with the lighting. You don’t want a dark and dank bathroom you want a bright and cheerful one. When working with lighting you want to use natural and artificial lighting.

Natural lighting can be achieved by adding more window and letting light come in. You can add lamps and other lighting fixtures to help bring out the best in your bathroom.


Add a little flare with new fixtures. Add chrome in the bathtub or shower and maybe even a little color if you like it! Now is as good time as ever to experiment with your bathroom fixtures. Who knows what will look good in there? Utilize this chance so you can go from interesting to extravaganza!

Room accessories

Bathroom room accessories are the final touch. You want to add a little bit of class here and there, why not throw in some towel hooks that go with your color scheme? You want your towels to be organized so you know where to find them.


On top of room accessories and things like towel hooks, which are important too, you can add anything you think looks nice in there! Add a few flowers here and there or maybe hang up some art on the wall. You can do anything you want in the bathroom as long as it looks good!

When it comes to designing your bathroom you want to focus on your style. If you don’t then you won’t feel comfortable no matter what you do.

Things You Could Do When You Have A Patio Enclosure

There are already things you could do when you already have a patio. Some may not have this yet but now that you are here, perhaps now is as good as any a time to start thinking seriously about building a patio onto your property. But fingers crossed in the hope that you do at least have the space for it. But if not, what say you start looking towards improvising with your existing porch or verandah space? That is to say that you are fortunate enough to have your own freestanding property.

patio enclosures in Columbia, SC

Commercial property owners who have yet to come this far should begin to see amply opportunities and advantages of adding in a patio space or two. This does a huge service to their model tenants, could be residential or commercial, could even be both. But having said all of that, the patio enclosures in Columbia, SC should of course complete the patio experience. Having the patio enclosures in should be able to take away all of the most obvious limitations. For instance, no one would dream of sitting out on a patio when the weather is so miserably cold out there.

And of course when it rains, it could be pouring buckets. But in summer, now that’s another story. It remains highly undesirable and certainly not recommended to be sitting out on the patio when the sun is beating down in blazes. Apart from the fact that this is going to be quite unpleasant, it does damage to the skin. And when the patio is unoccupied, the patio enclosure continues to be a protective force. It will protect all patio furniture as well as its accoutrements from the elements, come rain or shine.