Tips For Modernizing Your Bathroom

The bathroom has not changed much since its conception. It is basically a room with a few holes that take care of what we take care of. However, over the years we have increased our comfort levels and done tasks that made using the bathroom more enjoyable. For this, here are a few bathroom ideas in poughkeepsie, ny you can try.

bathroom ideas in poughkeepsie, ny


You want to play with the lighting. You don’t want a dark and dank bathroom you want a bright and cheerful one. When working with lighting you want to use natural and artificial lighting.

Natural lighting can be achieved by adding more window and letting light come in. You can add lamps and other lighting fixtures to help bring out the best in your bathroom.


Add a little flare with new fixtures. Add chrome in the bathtub or shower and maybe even a little color if you like it! Now is as good time as ever to experiment with your bathroom fixtures. Who knows what will look good in there? Utilize this chance so you can go from interesting to extravaganza!

Room accessories

Bathroom room accessories are the final touch. You want to add a little bit of class here and there, why not throw in some towel hooks that go with your color scheme? You want your towels to be organized so you know where to find them.


On top of room accessories and things like towel hooks, which are important too, you can add anything you think looks nice in there! Add a few flowers here and there or maybe hang up some art on the wall. You can do anything you want in the bathroom as long as it looks good!

When it comes to designing your bathroom you want to focus on your style. If you don’t then you won’t feel comfortable no matter what you do.