Tools For Electricians

Just like any other professional tradesman, an electrician works with a specialized set of tools. We’ve listed some of the tools that an electrician will use below. If you are looking to become one of the electrical contractors in Lorton, VA you will want to learn these tools and understand how they work.

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The top tools are:

·    Hammer – to drive small nails or tap devices into place

·    Pliers – for gripping wires, pulling up nails, and clamping electric devices in place

·    Tape measure – measuring distances of various objects, usually on a wall or floor

·    Voltage tester – to warn you of any sudden changes in voltage with an electric device

·    Wire stripper – peels back the casing around the wires, usually copper or aluminum cables

·    Drill – like a rotating saw blade for cutting through different types of wood and metal

·    Electric saw – for cutting through different types of wood and metal

·    Screw driver – for driving screws into place in different structures such as walls, floors, and ceilings

·    Levels – to ensure that a structure is straight from side to side or top to bottom

These tools are vital when you need to install or repair electrical equipment in homes, offices, and businesses in the Lorton, VA area. Electrical contractors have these tools because they are skilled technicians that can fix any issue on an electrical system.  

These nine tools make up most of the electricians’ arsenal of devices that they use when working to maintain power systems in businesses and homes.   The job of an electrician is to install, maintain, and repair electrical devices in the Lorton, VA area. If you are looking for a full-time career as an electrical technician then enroll into your local community college or other postsecondary institution that offers classes for this trade.